Each of our baths is fully restored in England by craftsmen of many years experience.


Unless stated otherwise, our cast iron baths are vitreous enamelled. This is a three stage process; shot blasting the bath back to bare iron, ground coating followed by four coats of vitreous enamel, each fired in a furnace at 800 degrees celsius. At this temperature the glass in the enamel fuses into the iron and hardens to a smooth, durable finish identical to the original finish of the bath. The exterior of the bath is painted with red oxide paint or can be finished to a colour of your choice.


Our fireclay baths are stripped back, undercoated and sprayed with up to 11 coats of a very durable, synthetic marine paint. Although not as robust as enamel, this finish will give many years of careful use.


Both finishes are guaranteed as set out in our Terms and Conditions